Going Against the Grain

With so much going on in the craziness of our lives and the world, what can we do? No more sitting on the sidelines watching everything unravel, helpless. It’s time to do what we can, where we can, and it starts at our home.

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Hi there!

We’re Mark & Brittany

A couple in love who’ve ridden some amazing highs and unbelievable lows. But God is faithful. With this one life to live, we want to make the most of it, and it starts at our home! Read more…

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Ten Ways to Show Respect to Your Husband

Modern Homesteading is not only our way of being self-sufficient.

It’s also about teaching our kids to know and appreciate where our food comes from. It’s about doing an honest work with our hands that leaves you so fulfilled at the end of the day. Homesteading forces us to slow down. It’s about using the natural resources God has given us and making something out of them. It’s about a life made richer.

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