Modern Homesteading

It starts at our home. Home grown produce. Farm fresh eggs. Fresh milk, butter, and cream. Food preservation. Self-sufficiency. Teaching our children the value of work, patience, and that the fastest way isn’t always the best way. A life made richer. Homesteading forces us to slow down.

And that is why we do it. Doing it together brings us closer as husband and wife as well. We both go our own directions so much of the day, but these things get to be us. I mean, there is just something about being in the fresh air, the barn, on a stool milking Gloria, and even rushing to get the eggs before the sixth chicken tries to get you.

Its true that Mark knows a lot about things like this, but there is also so much we are learning. I, Brittany, am pretty much learning everything from scratch. Nonetheless, join us as we dive into this lifestyle. I’m sure we’ll get it wrong sometimes, but the joy is in the journey.

I’d write some more, but after seeing the amount of work that goes into this, I actually need to go call my mother and thank her for freezing pickup box loads of corn each summer. (And apologize for acting like we had the hard part of picking and shucking the corn. The least I could’ve done was pull more silk off the cob. Sorry, Mother! Your sweet corn was THE BEST!)

cherry tomatocucumbers


jersey cow eating hayscooping fresh milk

(Gloria the Jersey)

cowboy at workinside of barn

Ranch Life

baby chickdog watching baby chicks


Behind the Adventures

Hi, We’re Mark & Brittany

A couple in love who’ve ridden some amazing highs and unbelievable lows. But God is faithful. With this one life to live, we want to make the most of it, and it starts at our home!

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