Shepinois Puppies for Sale (Belgian Malinois x German Shprd)

We are down to one male Shepinois (Belgian Malinois+German Shepherd) puppy for sale near Hot Springs, South Dakota, United States.  South Dakota Shepinois, owned by the Heyns, has all the details. Born September 17, 2023. Puppies are $1,000. We require an application and a $500 non-refundable deposit, with the balance due at pickup. Puppies will be up to date with vaccinations and deworming, and well acclimated to adults, children, and farm animals/life. Call Mark at (605) 891-8744 for more details.

9 shepinois puppies for sale

The Dogs I’ve Known in 2 Wars

The dame of these puppies, and in future litters, is Victoria (Tori).  We got this 1/2 German Shepherd, 1/2 Belgian Malinois Puppy from reputable breeder and trainer, Dennis Blocker, of TX. We chose Tori because of her bloodline. Tori’s mother was a narcotic dog for a TX police department. Tori’s grandfather was a bomb detection dog in the Iraq War with handler, Dennis Blocker. Combined with her gentle disposition, we knew this was not only the dog for our family. This precious bloodline also clearly needed to continue to carry on the legacy. You can buy this great book about Tori’s grandfather here.

The Dogs I've Known in 2 Wars book
Tori’s grandfather is pictured second from the left.

From birth the Shepinois puppies for sale have been raised in the country on our homestead with children, chickens, and other dogs. This should give them a great head start to taming the gentle side of the dog.

Victoria (Dame)

  • 1/2 German Shepherd x 1/2 Belgian Malinois
  • Medium size
  • Gentle, sweet temperament
  • Loyal
  • Loves to play fetch
  • Good mom
  • Background in working dogs
  • Well socialized
  • Exposed to various situations/animals on the ranch

Trivette (Sire)

  • Purebred (not registered) Belgian Malinois
  • Strong prey drive
  • Attentive
  • Loves long runs
  • Quick learner

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9 shepinois puppies for sale in a dogpile

What is a Shepinois?

A Shepinois, also known as a German Malinois, is a cross between a German Shepherd dog and a Belgian Malinois dog.  At this time, the Malinois is the most intelligent dog breed.  

The mixed dog breed is largely to keep the general characteristics of both breeds, while allowing for the dominant Belgian Malinois hip and elbow structure.  Reducing the risk of hip problems associated with German Shepherds is the key component of the breed, while still having the traits you need in your animal.

Additionally, the tenacity of the Malinois is counteracted just the right amount by the German Shepherd. Malinois’ are high energy dogs, so the Belgian Malinois mix with the German Shepherd gives us more level-headed dogs. All this while maintaining that strong work ethic and intense athleticism of the malinois.

Why a Shepinois? Good family dogs or hardworking dog? Both?

These are absolutely incredible canines. Their talent and ability is truly remarkable. While they are extremely well-rounded, making them ideal for numerous reasons, we will start with mentioning trades where having a Shepinois will increase your skillset and capability, not to mention potentially save you in a time of trouble.

  • protection dogs
  • detection dog
  • police dog
  • herding/working dog

These are intelligent dogs and like to have a job to do. They seem to have a natural sense of right and wrong and know their people well. Whether for a personal protection dog or a member of the law enforcement team, when properly trained, it could be argued that the Shepinois may be of more use than a second person in a time of danger and intense combat. They not only look intense, but also keep that same intensity while working until the job is complete.

shepinois obeying master

Another reason the Shepinois is so special is that, yes, they are made for hard, often challenging work. However, in the same breath, they are equally paired to be an excellent family dog. As part of our family, we can attest to the following personality traits of this superior breed:

  • loyal companion
  • family pet
  • great with young children and older children when the dog has been raised in a family environment
  • protective instinct
  • guard dog, fantastic watch dog
  • loves attention
  • live for an activity, yet calm down enough to be indoors
Shepinois dressed as policeman

Shepinois do Require a Certain Lifestyle

Absolutely these are great dogs.  However, they are powerful.  They can have some difficult tendencies. There has to be a balance of aggressiveness.  Yes, you want a great protection dog with a high prey drive.  In the same token, we’re also talking about their ability to be the best family dog you’ve ever had.  There are non-negotiables if you are going to become an owner of a Shepinois:  

  • More than sufficient daily exercise
  • Consistent training sessions
  • Active lifestyle
  • Balanced diet

In doing so, you will have more content, happier dogs.  Of course, this goes for most breeds, but with the Shepinois it is of upmost importance.  They were born to be given arduous, demanding jobs, and then get loved on immensely and their confidence boosted by their master.  Its hard to guess if the owner or dog will be more pleased.

owner with his Belgian Malinois puppy