Christian Home Decor with Inspirational Messages

Brittany is a Mary & Martha Independent Consultant, which specializes in Christian home decor.  Links in this post will take you to her business website where she does make a commission on all sales.  This does not increase the cost for you, but she is required to disclosure that info.

The Home, the Headquarters

We love home.  Being home.  Going home.  Inviting people to our home.  Home schooling.  Home cooked meals.  I don’t even mind cleaning our home.  You get the picture.  

It’s our place.  I want it to feel like my husband’s castle to him.  I want our children to come in the door and have the familiar feeling that everything is going to be ok and that it is where they belong.

The Living Table cookbook on stand with utensil caddy

What can I say, I like order.

I like structure and order.  A lot. This has probably come from working at home for the last 17 years. Even still, but especially when our children were very young, there had to be structure in order to get everything done.  It was the only way.

I also grew up in a house that was generally very orderly.  My parents have impeccable taste, and my mother has a keen sense of interior design.  They seemed to always have everything just right.  Gorgeous and unique. Subsequently, this is what was instilled in me.

My mother would leave us with a list of chores to do every day, and we were trained to start the dishes just moments after people were finished eating.  Truth is, it got annoying, and I really loved when I got to clear the table and nothing else.

But you know what, when those dishes weren’t done…although very rare…probably only when my parents were out of town…I just felt unsettled.

open living room in large home for sale near Scottsbluff, NE

Undoubtedly this has followed me into my adult life.  Any member of our family could tell you that sometimes if our house is out of order, I can get plain cranky.  I try to just stay ahead of it, but when there are too many irons in the fire, and it’s just a mess, it is an everyone pause moment and get it back under control.  

Thankful for great advice that we still do 16 years later!

As a very new mom I received some great advice. Have the kids pick up the mess a few times throughout the day, and definitely BE SURE they did it before bed.  WHAT TIMELEY ADVICE!  For me, this is a sanity saver and simply creates a calmer atmosphere.  Is that because mom isn’t cranky or just the nature of a clean area?  Probably both.  

black and cream storage baskets

Along with order, how about some pretty!

So what in the world does any of this have to do with Christian home decor?  Going back to my desire for order and liking to have things in their place, I love all the pretty things, including decorating.  Whenever we have moved into a new house, I cannot feel settled until the walls are done.  

Fortunately, right when I was ready to decorate our home, I happened to be at my cousin’s house. Every time I am there, I fall in love with what she has done.  It is always SO cute and just right from the living room to the dining room to her son’s cowboy bedroom, ect.  I kid you not that even the laundry room is cute.

In any case, she had recently updated some of her decor, and each piece I saw I fell deeper and deeper in love.  Naturally I had to ask, “Where did you get all of this?”  That was the day I started cheating on Hobby Lobby.  

Tiered tray with crusty bread in Christian home decor

So, she sent me home with a magazine and burning desire to place an order asap.  Little did I know what I was getting into.  This wasn’t just gorgeous Christian wall art, Christian gifts, absolutely beautiful tableware, and even throw pillows with important truth on them.  

No, Mary and Martha was much more.  It is Christian home decor, a witnessing tool, and a company that gives a portion of each sale to Compassion International.  This company is an army of women on a mission “to bring eternal hope and encouragement to every home, every day,” as they say.  How perfect for this girl as also in the case of Mary and Martha, it starts at our home!

Order is good, but it’s certainly not the most important thing.

As you know, I started this blog out with the humiliating picture of how much I like order.  I wish I could apologize, but it would be a lie, so I won’t.  One thing I would say, however, is that having Scripture wall art or a Bible verse under the lid of the salt pinching bowl does make me stop for a moment and re-evaluate how things are going.  

Meanwhile, am I turning into a such a monster with the chaos (that in all actuality isn’t even that bad) that the chaos itself looks like a bowl of icecream, double cherries?  Am I stopping and giving my precious child eye contact and maybe even some Godly encouragement?  Have I paused and thanked God for the blessings? 

sugar and cream bowls with Christian message

Time for a heart check.

In essence, these products really do create such an environment, are a tool in many ways, to be a better person.  A better mom.  A better wife.  A better friend.  The products are such great quality and simply divine.  LOVELY in every way!

After all, what’s the point of literally any of it, if we get to going through life so fast, that we can’t even pause momentarily to do a heart check and reprioritize?  I’m not saying we must take three hours out of the middle of the day, kiss working goodbye, and dwell on how loving we are/aren’t being.  But we have to stay focused on our “why” to make our days truly count.  

To me, these products help me stay focused on having my priorities in the correct order.  And frankly, at this point, I’ll take whatever I can to help.  Life gets going so quickly, that is is embarrassing how often I have to stop and get things lined out properly.  I know better.  I know what’s best.  And yet, far too often, here I am, failing miserably living for my own ideas rather than with eternal intention.

focus devotion book by Mary & Martha

Five aspects of Mary & Martha Christian Home Decor

Alas, there are five aspects of Mary and Martha items (perfect for your home as well as the perfect gift for someone):

For the women:

  • Home Decor~Baskets, letterboards, wall art, organizers, candles, planter boxes, blankets, and rugs are just some of the items you can buy.   
  • Table and Kitchen Decor~Dishes, bowls, charcuterie boards, pizza boards, pitchers, butter keeper, salt and pepper dispensers, and dish towels are some of the Mary and Martha line.  You guys, seriously, they are beautiful!

Don’t forget the kids:

  • Biblical Teaching Tools for Little Ones~Our children’s line has books, stuffed animals, water bottles, puzzles, Bibles, and blankets.  They are adorable, and I love getting children used to the idea of bringing God into all their day.  Not just Sunday School and Awana.  (A blog for another time!)
  • Bibles, Cards, and Devotionals~So I did not expect to get overly excited about this portion.  But alas, I bought a couple to get an idea of the quality and content, and let me tell you, immediately they became one of my favorite pieces of the brand.  There is such a wide array of topics from 20 somethings to retirees.  Gardening.  Camping.  Mothering.  Hand lettering.  Cookbooks that read more like an inspirational book.  Tear out notes to give to others for all types of occasions.  Whether it be for Bible study or simply to share your light with a complete stranger, the personal and outreach opportunities these create is flat out exciting.

And for those who are truly in need:

  • Compassion International~As briefly mentioned above, a portion of every sale, as well as the opportunity to donate, on every order goes to help this great cause.  More than 16,000 children in 6 countries have been helped through Mary and Martha.  Child development centers have been launched, child survival programs funded, Bibles supplied, and classroom materials and playground resources have been equipped in 26 centers to date.
book and bear on little kid stools

In conclusion

As you can see, I am in love.  Full disclosure though: I still am a HUGE fan of Hobby Lobby.  Mark has learned to just drop me off and go somewhere else entirely, or just not come to town with me at all if Hobby Lobby is involved.  (After all, he’d likely rather be home or perusing Fleet Farm for the homestead.) Three hours later…almost every time.  What a place.  I could never fully leave them.  The key is pairing my Mary & Martha items with great finds at Hobby Lobby.  You can’t go wrong there.